This page is dedicated to centering the mind, body, and spirit. These resources are for those warriors that seek mindfulness,  self awareness, and spiritual development. NNPSN does not recommend one single resource. We support many modalities to tap the healing energy to develop resilience in our  mind, body, and spirit.

FireFlex Yoga - Shannon McQuaide

FireFlex Yoga Virtual or In-Person Mindfulness Trainings

First Responders experience an average of 800 traumatic incidents during their career. Mindfulness provides a refuge to process these experiences and to offset the effects of chronic stress. You can practice mindfulness in the station, on the rig, or after a critical incident. It’s the practice of paying attention to the present moment with kindness and curiosity. This seemingly simple skill can be challenging to practice, but has impactful benefits when applied as a daily habit. 


Instructor Shannon McQuaide leads Mindfulness Trainings, virtually or in-person, for First Responders. Contact Shannon to create a customized training for your agency. 


Shannon also hosts conversations with Fire Chiefs, First Responders, and Paramedics discussing wellness obstacles and solutions;

the library of interviews can be viewed here



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