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We believe that officers who suffer emotional injuries should be recognized and their service to the community honored.

We believe it’s time to put names and faces to the men and women who have died because their emotional injuries became too much to bear.

We believe it’s time to support the families who have lost loved ones to those injuries.

We believe in the saying, “It is not how they died that mattered, it is how they lived”.

Fire Strong
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A website designed to be a point of reference for fire service members and their families. The idea is to have a webpage that you can direct all your members to go to when they need to find resources dedicated to helping members with mental wellness. We have found that it can be difficult during times of stress for members to find the right resources such as counselors through your department's EAP (Employee Assistance Program), mental health benefits through your medical insurance, or peer support.

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The WCPR program is for first responders whose lives have been affected by their work experience. The WCPR residential program provides an educational experience designed to help current and retired first responders recognize the signs and symptoms of work-related stress including post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) in themselves and in others. FRSN prefers to identify PTSD as a post traumatic stress injury.

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