Licensed Clinicians Vetted by First Responders



Carl Jung

Vetted by

April Lang-Barroga, MFT, CADCI, NCC


Alta Vista Mental Health

1530 E. 6th St



April is a MOST counselor and a Family and Forensic therapist. She has been trained in EMDR and wants to assist with counseling officers.  Hometown Health accepted.  She would be a very good option as she works everyday with police officers.  She sees clients on Mondays and Tuesdays as well as some other mornings.

Dr. Pricilla Barton

305 Stewart St.

Reno, NV 89502



(775) 870-6552

3732 Lakeside Drive Suite 100

Reno, NV 89509


Erin is a military spouse and mother of five who is passionate about helping first responders. She has extensive training in treating trauma and addictions using a variety of treatment modalities. Certified as an EMDR counselor. Erin is also is a clinical advisor to the NNPSN.

Accepted Insurance: Hometown Health, CDS, Prominence, Tricare, Blue Cross/Blue Shield

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Therapy specialties/ Credentials: EMDR, Drug & Alcohol, Solution focused therapy, Marriage family, etc.

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Accepted Insurance: 

Tory Clark

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist / Doctor of human sexuality / Certified sexologist & educator


Ryan Clifford MFT

(775) 622-8890

4600 Kietzke Lane Suite G177

Reno, NV 89502

Ryan & Katie Clifford, MFT

Silver State Counseling and Therapy

4600 Kietzke Ln Building G, Suite #177

Reno, NV 89502

(775) 964-4950

Ryan Clifford is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist working with individuals, couples and families of all ages. He has experience working with a broad spectrum of clients and mental health issues. Ryan’s current treatment passions are delivering effective care to those with traumatic histories. Ryan is also a certified EMDR counselor

Accepted Insurance: Hometown Health, CDS, Prominence and many others.


Livia D’Andrea   

WCSO Team Psychologist

Elizabeth Dear

Marriage and Family Therapist
527 Plumas St.
Reno, NV 89509
Ph: 775-348-4696
For emergencies, existing clients only: 775-473-1407

Cara M Elliott, MS, MFT, LCADC, EMDR

Clinical Alcohol and Drug Abuse Counselor & Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist, Children Counseling


Stephanie Falke PhD, MFT

(775) 525-2935

3732 Lakeside Drive Suite 100

Reno, NV 89509


Dr. Stephanie Falke is a PhD level clinician with 17 years of experience, whose practice emphasizes treating those with mood disorders and PTSD. Work experience includes diverse settings such as inpatient and outpatient mental health clinics, hospital settings, transplant centers, schools and private practice. She has taught at multiple universities, has numerous publications in her field and enjoys training new therapists. On a personal note, she have been married for 18 years, has four children and loves to snow ski and paddle board.

Accepted Insurance: Hometown Health

Heidi Frost, MFT

(EMDR trained)
1005 Forest St
Reno, NV 89509
(775) 329-4582 x 6

Patricia (Trisha) Gilbert

505 S Arlington St #206

Reno, NV. 89509

7750750-6801 phone

775-853-6801 fax

Terrianne Harrison, Ph.D., MFT


571 California Ave

Reno, NV 89509

Dr. Dean Hintz, PhD

Sports Psychologist, Individuals, Couples, Families         

626 Humboldt St., Reno, NV 89509

775-348-8558 phone

Crystal JaquetteMFT

(Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist, Children Counseling)


John H. Krogh, Ph.D.

10631 Professional Circle, Suite A

Reno, NV 89521

(775) 826-6218


Is trained in both Prolonged Exposure and Cognitive Processing Therapy, both evidenced-based treatments for PTSD trained in Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy for Insomnia. He has military experience, FBI training, and current member of the LE hostage negotiation team.


Kati Layosa, MFT

Counseling, individual, Couples, Families

5365 Mae Anne Ave. B-9

Reno, NV 89523

775-815-8751 phone

Frank D. Lemus Sr., PhD, MFT *Bilingual*

345 Cheney St. Reno NV 89502

(775) 323-1330

Grief, Parenting, Co- occurring disorders Adolescents, Adults, Families

Anxiety, Crisis Counseling, Trauma, PTSD, Trauma Informed care; Aggression replacement training, attachment therapy, motivational interviewing, CBT, Family & Marital therapy, Trauma Therapy

Dr. Joanne Lippert


Specializes in traumatic events. Not much experience with substance abuse.

Accepts Hometown Health and is working on accepting prominence.


Rich McGuffin, MFT

30+ year first responder - trauma specialty

540 W. Plumb Ln Ste. 120 Reno, NV

(775) 391-4049

Shannon MeadCPC-Intern



Erika Mellor, MFT

1010 Caughlin Crossing

Reno, NV 89519

(775) 622-9900

Steve Nicholas 


Dr. Nicholas has his doctorate in Counseling and Educational Psychology.  He has been practicing as a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (MFT) since 2007 and has immersed himself in the phenomena of trauma and the potential growth from adverse events.  Additionally, he is the in-house mental health clinician for the Truckee Meadows Fire Protection District in Northern Nevada.  In recent years, he has worked with BLM wildland firefighters; his trainings are aimed at normalizing the cultures of stress and trauma exposure.


Ryan Simpson


I specialize in the treatment of a variety of anxiety issues, including PTSD. Other areas of specialty include depression, relationship issues, family systems issues and individual growth.

Chauncey Parker, Ph.D.


200 South Virginia St

8th Floor

Reno, NV 89501

Melissa Petersen, MA, MFT

Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist, Children Counseling

775-825-2503 x 108

Sandra Poupeney, LCSW, LADC

EMDR, Individual, Group Therapy, Adults, Adolescents, Children

506 Holcomb Ave, Reno NV 89502

775-337-6940 phone

775-786-5062 fax

Allison Pratte, LCSW

(775) 232-1084

Professor, Social Work  

University of Nevada RenoTrauma trained, speciality in military & first response.

Mr. Richard Shannon M.A.

527 Lander St Reno, NV 89509-1552

(775) 560-5326

A male health care provider with Marriage & Family Therapist listed as his primary medical specialization.

Accepts Prominence and has applied to HHP, but there is a hold on new providers.  Is currently credentialed with Specialty Health Clinic MCO, which provides workers compensation for law enforcement and first responders in Northern Nevada (e.g., Reno, Sparks, UNR).  Private pay is an option.

Cornelius (Con) Sheehan LCSW

(775) 287-7733

403 Flint Street

Reno, NV 89501

Con has extensive clinical experience working with distressed individuals and relationships. He utilizes Emotional Focused Therapy and believes that by increasing self-awareness we can be less critical and judgmental of ourselves and others and gain more confidence when making difficult decisions.

Accepted Insurance: Hometown Health, CDS, Prominence and many other insurances.

Anjie Silveira MA, LMFT, LCADC

(775) 234-4796

Great Basin Behavioral Health

695 Sierra Rose Drive

Reno, NV 89511


Anjie is experienced in working with both adolescent and adult clients in a multitude of setting; acute, residential and outpatient. She is trained in both CBT and DBT as well as risk assessment wan working with clients who have suffered traumas.

Accepted Insurance: Hometown Health, CDS and many other insurances.

Danielle A Osier Tatar, MFT, LADC

1050 Bible Way
Reno, NV  89502-2125

775-826-3774 phone
775-826-2045 fax

Cory Taylor, MS, LMFT, CADC


Healing Hearts Therapy

Cory is certified in EDMR Therapy, a certified family and marriage counselor and a certified alcohol and drug counselor Hometown Health Insurance only

Diana Wright, Psy.D.

Mind & Body Counseling Associates

4600 Kietzke Ln Ste C-124

(775) 826-4400

Heidi Weiss, LMFT, NCC


Heidi has been a paramedic for over 20 years and cam empathize with and assist clients who have worked under stressful conditions.  Her unique background givers her a perspective on compounded stress and PTSD among first responders.  She is trained in and integrates EMDR into her practice and uses on Brief Solution Focused Therapy, among a variety of other modalities. 


Accepted insurance:  

  • Anthem, BlueCross and BlueShield, Health Plan of Nevada, Hometown Health, and others