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First Responder Intensive Outpatient Program

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When most of us think about therapy, we usually think of one of two images.  The first being the traditional “Freud and lying on the couch” which is standard—usually weekly—talk therapy in a provider’s office.  The other is the full-on commitment to an inpatient bed or hospital setting or “institution”.  We’ve lacked for a lot of services in between here in Nevada, so it’s totally understandable to have these images in mind.  Closer to the first image of regular talk therapy option is where Intensive Outpatient comes in.  Usually the techniques and method of therapy delivery don’t change and clients come and go as they please to an office setting.  What does differ about IOP are the frequency and duration of the treatment, emphasizing more done in less time.  The other thing that differs is that IOP is done in groups, trying to help multiple folks concurrently and growing together.

For the last year or so we have been working with both Renown and Universal Health Services (UHS) to put together an IOP program that is exclusive to first responders.  There do exist some in town already for the general population, and if it comes to it that someone would feel more comfortable not being in a program with other cops, firefighters, EMS, etc. we have referrals for those too.


This said, starting April 1st for Renown and April 5th for UHS we will have two options for IOP programs.  They are both going to be put on by experienced providers who we have faith in, but will be structured differently. 


Universal Health Services

This program will be structured more like a "traditional" IOP, in that it is intended to get a lot of work done in a shorter amount of time.  Since I know admin leave and fitness for duty recommendations are going to be considerations in most circumstances where IOP would fit, this may be more attractive to shorter leave durations and administrators.  Its structure consists of attending 3 sessions a week, 3 hours per session for 4 weeks total.


Location - 3732 Lakeside Dr. Ste #202 Reno, NV (Homecoming Wellness)

Insurance Accepted - Hometown Health, Cigna, Prominence, TRICARE (call to confirm)

Day/Time (subject to change) - Monday, Tuesday and Thursday, 1700 - 2000 hours

Point of Contact - Jeanette Bussey, Director of Outpatient Services - (775) 657-4682




This program takes a longer term approach to treatment but allows some additional flexibility in scheduling.  Theirs is structured to have a single, 3-hour session once a week, but over a period of 6 months total.  One cool thing about the Renown program is their inclusion of families in the treatment regimen.  One of the four sessions each month is dedicated to having family members in on a session to address how treatment is impacting them, how skill-building can be adapted to everyone around the client and helps give them an idea of their loved one's experience. 

Location - 85 Kirman Ave Reno, NV, Ste #100

Insurance Accepted - Cigna, Hometown Health, TRICARE, TriWest, United HealthCare (call to confirm)

Day/Time - Wednesdays 1700 - 2000 hours

Point of Contact - Mary Duffy, Psychiatric Nurse - (775) 982-5318

Each of these programs would require an initial assessment to ensure fitment for them.

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