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"The work of the mature human being is to carry grief in one hand and gratitude in the other, and to be stretched by these two things."

Francis Weller


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The Good Grief Program

The new Solace Tree Good Grief program provides support to children and teens, ages 5 to 18, who are dealing with loss.  It’s an opportunity to help them cope with Family (divorce, alcoholism, stepfamilies and incarceration); Personal (stress, anger and low self-esteem); and Social (peer acceptance, conflict and all loss) problems and issues in their day-to-day lives.

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Letter from Emilio

Welcome to The Solace Tree! We strive to help children, teens, and families who are struggling with the loss of a loved one by providing a safe place for them to express their feelings of grief. With the courage to face their pain, individuals walk through our doors and learn how to smile again. Through The Solace Tree’s peer-support programs, our participants learn to deal with their grief in a positive and healthy way.

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