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Significant Others Support Groups

Returning Home

Founded by a group of Firewives to help our fire families, our community and support each other when life happens. We are a group of women that are always available to answer the call when help is needed, be it little or big. 
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Mariah Erickson


Mariah Erickson is the founder of The Northern Nevada FireWives!  In 2013 Mariah asked a group of Firewives to help her support a family with a terminal illness bring a smile to their home with a gift basket delivered by RFD.  This small gesture has turned into so much more, helping out in many different ways.  

Married to a Reno FD operator, Mariah has a huge passion for helping our community in many different ways.  Having the support of the fire family nothing seems impossible.  We are a group of women that have come together to help our departments, our community and our extended family! Nothing is too big or too small to receive our attention. 

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Holly Waszkiewicz

(805) 464-8349


Holly is the wife of a firefighter/paramedic who is passionate about the mental health of First Responders and the taboo stigma surrounding the topic. She has her bachelor's degree in Special Education K-12 and has recently started her own small business with the goal of raising awareness for the NNPSN. Holly’s passion for mental health began by educating children with special needs, however, Holly has found a new calling to help First Responders by collaborating with the NNPSN and creating a women’s support group in an effort to bring a new perspective: that of the spouse of a First Responder. 

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NV Women's Support Program-Group

Holly Waszkiewicz

(805) 464-8349

Fire Wife, Mental Health Advocate, Small Business Owner

The Purpose : Is to provide quality mental health resources, support and bring awareness to the stigma surrounding mental health and first responders, by providing a safe environment to the wives of Firefighters in the surrounding areas.

My Goal : Raise Awareness by providing current resources for First Responders, their families & our community.

I am looking to bring a new perspective to the NNPSN from the view of being a wife of a local firefighter by not only bringing awareness to the stigma surrounding mental health and providing current resources but to form a strong women based community that allows for constant support, coping strategies and a real life perspective on what we deal with everyday being married to a first responder.