Clinical Advisory Staff

Steven W. Nicholas Ed.D



Dr. Nicholas has his doctorate in Counseling and Educational Psychology.  He has been practicing as a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (MFT) since 2007 and has immersed himself in the phenomena of trauma and the potential growth from adverse events.  Additionally, he is the in-house mental health clinician for the Truckee Meadows Fire Protection District in Northern Nevada.  In recent years, he has worked with BLM wildland firefighters; his trainings are aimed at normalizing the cultures of stress and trauma exposure.

Throughout his studies and teachings, Dr. Nicholas has worked with individuals, couples, families, and organizations impacted by the co-occurrences of substance use disorders and mental health diagnoses.   In addition to doctoral publications analyzing how families create greater relational connections after suicide loss, Dr. Nicholas was a contributing investigator for the DSM-5.   Dr. Nicholas has resided in northern Nevada for over forty-five years and has a comprehensive private practice in Reno.  

Erin Chapel


As a military spouse of 30 years, Erin is passionate about helping both military members and first responders. Within her private practice, she currently works with over 20 Northern Nevada and Northern California agencies to include: law enforcement, fire, EMS, hospitals and military units, providing mental health care that is often specific to the occupational needs and stresses, of responders. She is a certified EMDR therapist with specialized EMDR training in addiction, complex trauma, and emergency responders. She attends multiple ‘responder specific’ trainings every year believing that the more she is able to learn, the more effective she will ultimately be as a clinician.Erin also enjoys working with couples and family members believing that her experience as a military spouse helps her to relate in a very real way to their unique struggles. Erin has also received extensive training and licensing in working with a variety of addictions, which tend to affect both individuals and their families. She believes that her knowledge and experience serves her clients well within a culture where alcohol use is so prevalent.

  • Act as a mental health resource subject matter experts

  • Provide guidance to NNPSN BOD in related mental health matters

  • Provide recommendations on mental health best practices

  • Act as a soundboard member of the NNPSN community

  • Recommends other appropriate community resources

  • Engage in NNPSN community initiatives

  • Share insightful, innovative ideas with NNPSN community